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    Laying your suitcase down on the floor, you sit down on top of it, resting you chin in your palms. “So, I guess we aren’t gunna get along too well huh?” You hum watching the tiny demon’s face. “Really sucks. I have zero idea how to take care of you. Hell I don’t even know how to take care of regular kids! How does he expect me to take care of you?” You rake a hand through you hair, tilting your head at Law. “Can you even talk? You’re so tiny, but you seem to understand me well enough.” Law just blinks at you before holding up his hand, making a bubble expand around you both before suddenly disappearing, leaving a teddy bear in his place. He looks at your back before hobbling to the toys and plopping down to play.

    “What the?!” You look at the teddy bear a little confused before turning around. “Okay, well I’ll take that as a no then...what the hell do I do with you?” You sigh, watching him play with several small toys. “Guess I’ll just...sit here and watch you?” Law sends you an annoyed look before throwing a stuffed animal at your head with a grumpy grumble.

    "Up..." You catch the stuffed animal, looking at him with furrowed eyebrows. The hell was that supposed to mean? You shrug. Mihawk or whatever his name was had said the little one didn’t like being touched, so you assumed he wasn’t asking to be picked up. You tap your fingers along your chin, wondering what it was he was telling you before it clicked and you glared. He was telling you to shut up? A quiet “Rude.” Was all you muttered, crossing your legs underneath you. The toddler smirks before getting up and making another bubble form around you both. He points at you making all the toys in the area fly at you. You glare at the toddler. Covering your head as much as you could to stop the impact of the toys.

    “Oh you pain in the ass.” You growl, not really sure how to stop the small child. “Tiny Satan doesn’t even begin to cover you.”

    "Bye bye." He smiles cutely and you're suddenly outside the building, looking at a reddish desert town. Law hums to himself, hobbling over to the kitchen area and pulling the fridge open only to frown at the unmade foods. It would appear that he needed the caretaker for something after all.

    You growl, walking forward and opening the door to the nursery again. You couldn’t see Law in the main room that you had been in, making you a bit worried as to where the small child had wandered off to. Walking around, you hear something in the kitchen. You walk over leaning against the door, a small smirk on your face.

    “Oh did you need help with something?” Law sends you a small glare before pulling back.

    "Oo!" He demands, pointing at the fridge, small tail smacking the floor impatiently. You raise an eyebrow at his demand looking in the fridge at the random food placed on the shelves.

    “Okay. Can you at least point at what you want? I have no clue what to feed you.” Law looks up at you before humming long and looking at the food.

    "Ri-baa!" He says looking up at you again.

    “Right cause I totally understand that.” You huff looking at the food in the fridge again trying to find what he was asking for. Spotting some rice in a bowl you raise an eyebrow looking down at him. “Riceball? At least I know how to make that.” He nods before hobbling back to the play area to play with the toys that were now everywhere. He sits down and looks back before starting to rip the stuffed animals apart, babbling to himself with a sinister smirk.

     A few seconds after you start making him food, you look over, rolling your eyes. Of course he would do that. You huff. This was only one? How many would there be? You start to regret making the deal with Shanks thinking it may have just been better to bleed out on the floor of that jewelry store. Hadn’t Mihawk said this one was well behaved aside from being a little moody. If this was well behaved, you didn’t want to see those that weren’t. Finishing up the food, you walk back into the room, setting the plate in front of him and backing away. “There. I’m just gunna….go sit over there.” You say, pointing at a chair on the other side of the room. Law blinks at it before looking up at you, offering you one as he munches on the other.

    "Unch." He tells you bluntly. You look at him warily. He hadn’t exactly been nice and you weren’t sure what would happen if you took it. Deciding that saying no would probably just tick him off though, you reach forward, grabbing the small rice ball.

    “Thank you.” He hums with a nod before finishing eating and trying to wipe off his face, frowning at the stickiness. You chuckle, picking up the plate.

    “Hold on.” You say, walking back into the kitchen and putting the plate in the sink before grabbing a small towel and getting it damp. Walking back over to Law, you’re about to start wiping off his face, but stop. “Right. You want this so you can get it? I’d rather not lose a finger or something for trying to clean off your face.” Law blinks before pointing at you.

    "Oo." He hums seeming thoughtful. Before he holds up his hands a bit so you'd clean them too. You nod, starting to clean off his hands with the small rag, before moving to his face. Tilting your head you look him over.

    “Better?” He pats his face before nodding and turning back to his massacre, humming lightly before going to the cabinets and starting to search for something. You watch him curiously, wondering what in the world he could be looking for, but making no move to stop him. You hadn’t really gotten a chance to look around the nursery yet, so you had no clue what was hidden inside the cabinets. He babbles lightly searching the cabinets and crawling onto the counter to search the higher cabinets.

    "Ere!" He pulls out a sewing kit and turns to you. "Ow-n!" He orders you. You frown at the demand, but pick him up and set him back on the floor.

    “What in the world are you doing?” You ask, watching the toddler with a raised eyebrow. Law doesn't respond, hobbling back to the massacre and plopping down, opening the sewing kit before forming a small bubble around himself, the toys start to whirl around with a thread and needle. Mismatching and sewing up the toys with a cackle. You smile a bit at that, watching him put the toys back together in amusement. He seemed to enjoy it, so that was good. At least he was fixing things now, even if they were mismatched.

    He finishes, picking out two teddy bears, looking between them before picking out the white and orange one, throwing the black and yellow cat at you before getting up with his bear and hobbling to the napping room and sitting on one of the little beds. You catch the cat, looking at it with a small smile, before setting it down on the floor. Seeing him disappear into the nap room, you walk over tilting your head at him. “Need anything else?” You ask, unsure if there was anything he’d need so sleep. Law looks up at you before pointing to the bookshelf then a blanket on a shelf as he lays down, hugging his bear.

    You go over to the shelf with the blanket, taking it before grabbing a random book off the shelf. You motion for him to lay down before covering him up and sitting down in a chair next to the bed. “Not a great story teller just so you know kid.” You say opening the small book and beginning to read to him quietly. Law watches you quietly before humming as he steadily drifts off to sleep, cuddling his bear quietly.

    You look over a little while later, seeing that Law had seemingly fallen asleep. Standing from the chair you stretch, placing the book back down on the bookshelf and walk into the main room again. You walk around the room, picking up the toys scattered about and putting them back where they belonged before collapsing down into a chair. You were more exhausted that you cared to admit. You didn’t know how you’d do it once there were more of them. Sighing you look out the window of the room, desert town stretching for miles in every direction. Shanks peers into the daycare, catching you looking out and grins, giving a cheerful wave.

    You give him a tired smile. “You’re back already? He decided it was nap time, so he’s asleep.” You hum, nodding in the direction of the room Law was sleeping in. “If you’re too loud and wake him up, I’m leaving.”

    "Leaving? You're funny," He hums coming through the wall. "How was it?" He adds as he sits down.

    “Tiring. I thought Mihawk said he was well behaved. If that’s what you consider well behaved, I am terrified to see the ones that aren’t.” You say covering a small yawn. “Cute though. Of course most kids are.”

    "Law is one that I knew you could handle, we're saving the worst for last." He chuckles. "Did the little guy use his powers a lot?" He asks cheerfully.

    “The bubble thing? Yeah. Kind of interesting. Also, kind of a pain in the ass. He teleported me outside earlier.” You say. “How long am I here for? And where do I go once he goes...home?” Shanks hums thoughtfully.

    "Good, he's getting better.... He doesn't have parents so he'll go back to the holding cells, hopefully the others will be nice... You live nearby, I'll show you after I take him to the holding cell." He offers.

    “Holding cell…” You raise an eyebrow, a bit sad to hear what sounded like the small child living in a jail. “Yeah, it’d be nice if you could show me where to go.”

    "Yeah, we don't have any place for orphans when they're still helpless. It's a shame, he's a talented one too, I'd hate for one of the trouble makers to destroy him." He sighs getting up and starting for the nap room.

    “W-wait!” You exclaim. “I uh...if he doesn’t care, I wouldn’t mind...keeping him around. Maybe let him stay with me?” Shanks stops and turns to you with a grin, coming back and cupping your face, eskimo kissing you. "I adore humans like you! I'm sure he'll like that!" He gushes, before pulling back, tail wagging. You wrinkle your nose.

    “I don’t know. I’m not actually sure he is all too fond of me. He might actually like it back in the holding cell more so than spending any more time with me.” You say, your eyes going to the nap room.

    "Let's ask him." He hums before going in and crouching next to the toddler who wakes from the redhead's presence. He yawns sleepily, frowning at Shanks. "___ has offered to take you home, unless you'd prefer to go back to the cell?" Shanks smiles. Law wakes more at mention of the cell, getting up and staggering to you to touch your legs swiftly.

    "_-_-___." He manages. "Looks like he's made his decision." Shanks chuckles.

    “O-okay.” You say looking down at the small child. What had you just agreed to...Patting Law’s head softly, you look over at Shanks. “I guess take us home then.” Shanks nods and picks up Law, earning a frown.

    "This way." He smiles carrying Law out. You follow after him into the desert. About twenty feet toward the west, Shanks stops. "See this white rock?" He nods to the wing shaped rock at his feet before stepping on it and making a hatch slide open, revealing a staircase. You look at the staircase in confusion.

    “Underground?” You say uneasily. “I guess that could be interesting.” You hum, letting him lead the way down to what you assumed would be your new home.

    "I hope you like it," Shanks leads you into the large suite looking apartment, setting Law down. "Fully stocked, these windows will show whatever scenery you want. Windows; beach." He says making a beach view appear. Law hobbles to the fake windows, touching them curiously. "I'll go get some of his clothes. Don't worry though, he's improving fast, I estimate three more days before he's full-fledged." He adds.

    “It’s nice, thank you.” You look around, watching Law mess with the windows. “Three days?” You question, looking at Shanks “You mean all grown up? Or will he still be a kid?”

    "All grown up, once they're powers are unleashed fully, they grow. Then two more days for us to assign them a job, but by then he should be okay in the holding cell. Law looks back with a frown at that, hugging his bear. You frown at his words.

    “Does he really have to go back to the holding cell at all? I mean, can’t he live a normal life, with a house of his own?” You ask, eyes shifting to the small boy. “I don’t know how things work around here, but it’s kind of harsh to stick them in a cell…”

    "If you will let him stay then he will, we're demons after all. Once they start working they can carve their own path from there." Shanks pats Law's head. "This is how we do things. Survival of the fittest."

    “Survival of the fittest. I guess I can relate.” You say remembering the life you had lead prior to finding yourself in this mess. “Well, thank you again for the home and I don’t ever think I thanked you for saving my life. Was a little shocked waking up to a man in my bed and all.”

    "Well I can always show up in your- Yow!" He gasps looking down when Law bites his tail, giving him a glare. Shanks blinks in surprise and smirks. "Aww, he likes you." He chuckles. Law growls at him before hobbling into the bedroom and trying to crawl onto your bed before sliding off with the blanket with a thud. You cover a laugh behind your hand.

    “Tired again already. Well it was nice chatting with you Shanks. I’m going to see if I can figure out how to take care of the kid.” You walk over, fixing the blanket before picking Law up and putting him on the bed.

    "Kay, have a good day, tomorrow you'll have my little buddy to take care of~" He chimes before going out. Law shakes himself before looking around for his bear, before peering over the edge of the bed. "Bepo..." He murmurs spotting his bear.

    You watch as Shanks leaves before looking back over at Law. “Bepo? That’s a cute name.” You say, leaning down and picking up the bear, handing it to him. “Wonder where you came up with that. Anyways, is there anything you need? Are you hungry or anything?” Law hugs Bepo and smiles cutely.

    "No," He yawns before moving under the blankets, patting the bed before pointing at the television.

    You sit down on the bed, turning on the tv and starting to flip through channels, finding that they were similar to what you were used to. “I don’t know what you wanna watch. Just tell me when to stop.”

    Law shrugs, resting his cheek on Bepo's head, little tail flicking slightly. He points when you come to a horror movie. "Ah?" You stop setting the remote down, a small smile on your lips.

    “You’re a pretty cool kid.” You hum, slipping under the blankets to watch the movie. No kid you knew would voluntarily watch a horror movie. Law watches curiously, unaffected by the gore. He yawns getting bored and looks at you.

    "Aa-oo?" He asks you curiously. You look at him confused. You were really going to have to learn how to speak like that. Or at least how to decipher it. Looking over at the tv screen you see that the murderer in the movie was covered in tattoos. You raise an eyebrow deciding to give it a shot.

    “Are you asking if I have tattoos?” He nods and starts to try and remove his onesie, getting frustrated and puffing his cheeks in annoyance, glaring at the zipper before patting your shoulder.

    "Aa-oo!!" He says again lifting your shirt to look for them.

    “Woah hey!” You exclaim, moving out of his reach, pulling your shirt back into place. “Yes I have a tattoo, but it’s…” You pull your leg from under the blanket, rolling up your pants leg to show him the phoenix that you had tattooed from your knee to your ankle. “On my leg.” You finish, looking at him. “Do you like tattoos?” Law blinks at it before nodding and huffing, patting his chest.

    "Aa-oo." He says again before managing to unzip his onesie to show you his tiny tattoos with an adorable smile. "Ee?" You look at the tiny tattoos in confusion, wondering how he had gotten them when he was so tiny. Remembering yours, and how much it had hurt, you look at the small tattoos again. Giving him a small smile, you nod.

    “They are nice. Where did you get them?” He hums pulling up his sleeve, becoming focused slapping his hand on his forearm. Black comes over his eye, black smoke rising from his hand before removing his hand and returning to normal, showing the new tattoo with a smirk. Your eye widen a bit, a little shocked by what he had done.  “Well that’s an interesting way to do things. Probably way less painful than what I had to do to get mine.” He hums with a nod before yawning and lying back and cuddling Bepo sleepily before falling asleep again. “Goodnight Law.” You hum with a small yawn before curling up beneath the covers, the weight of everything that had happened today crashing on you as you drift off to sleep.
Something I am working on with the lovely :iconpiratequeend:

Keep an eye out for the next part! As always feedback is welcome and much appreciated!

Part 1
Part 2
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SweetDarklightDevil Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017   Artist
Nawwwww, Thats really cute, a mini Law! :D
I'm looking forward to when he grows, curious what a teen Law will be like and how much he will tease when he is grown up :D
And the part where he bite Shanks was great, really funny :D
LuciferAugusta Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
aww damn only three days they grow up so fast *chuckles and evades some flying toys*
BalqisDHancock Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Kyaa!!! So cuuuttteee!
phoenixjewls Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
*picks up baby demon Law and smothers him with hugs and kisses* you are just too cute little dude!
Wolffang1995Hyano Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017   Traditional Artist
Janalaa Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017  Hobbyist Photographer
Aww this is sooo cute *-*
I look forward to see how much law has grown when reader-chan wakes up :D
sapphirelight22 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2017
So freaking cute
SUSHIFREAK101 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Student
Awww.... I love the baby speech Law has and that ripping stuffed toys apart... Yeah, that's what Law would do XD
ZodiacPI100 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
Law is so cute😍😍😍😍😍
susan-shining-star Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
so cute :)
Dragonalfa122 Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
He's cuuuute X3
PirateQueenD Featured By Owner Mar 4, 2017
Law is precious babu
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