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    Law yawns, stretching his tiny body and blinking up at the ceiling. He sits up, looking around sleepily until his silver eyes land on you. He hums quietly before hugging Bepo and sliding out of the bed carefully before hobbling to search for the kitchen. Pushing the fridge open, he blinks at was available to eat. He frowns and sighs before closing the fridge and going to look in the pantry. He looks up at a cereal box and sets Bepo below it before patting the bear’s head and starting to climb up the shelves.

    You wake up, sitting up in the bed with a stretch before looking around the room. “Right. I’m not at my apartment anymore.” You mutter, looking at the bed next to you, a little surprised to see that Law was no longer there. Standing from the bed, you make your way into the kitchen, finding the small boy climbing up the shelves of the pantry. Walking over to the pantry, you tilt your head. “Cereal?” He looks back at you before reaching the box and grabbing it, holding it out to you, but his grip on the shelf slips. Reaching forward, you grab him before he can fall, breathing sigh of relief “Okay. No more climbing up shelves.” You tell him, setting him back down on the floor next to Bepo, and taking the box of cereal. Grabbing two bowls from the cabinet, you make each of you a bowl of cereal. You sit down on the floor in front of him, setting his bowl down before starting to eat.  

    Law plops down, munching on the food, sometimes offering Bepo a bite. He babbles quietly to his bear between bites before pausing and looking up at something behind you before scowling and pointing his spoon. "Go way!" He bursts, puffing his cheeks.

    "Hey now, don't be mean kiddo..." Shanks pouts at the toddler. You follow Law's gaze, giving the redhead a small wave.

    "Goodmorning Shanks." Standing from the floor, you take your bowl to the sink. "You already had breakfast?"

    "Yep! I brought his clothes. He probably needs a bath before you dress him...I don't think he's had one in a while." Shanks hums as Law hobbles over to give you his bowl, tossing Shanks another glare. "Then you can head over, Smoker will tend to Luffy until you get there."

    "Bath..." You look at Law with a raised eyebrow. "That sounds like it's going to be a pain." Shaking your head you turn to Shanks. "So, anything I should know about Luffy? Or will this Smoker guy fill me in?"

    "Smoker will warn ya, he's the best at dealing with Lu, well, besides me." Shanks smiles, putting down the bag. "Good luck with the bath." He adds before turning to leave. Law hobbles over to the bag and starts to look through the clothes.

    "Right..." You say, scratching the back of your neck. Look over at Law, you watch him as he digs through the bag. "So, you gunna give me hard time?" He hums, picking out a onesie and bringing it to you.

    "Ean!" He squeaks at you with a small smile. He didn't enjoy being dirty and sticky, so this time he'll allow the servant to help him get clean.

    "Okay. Come on then." You say, taking the onesie and leading him into the bathroom. Turning on the water in the bathtub, you let it fill up about halfway. Turning back to Law, you help him take off the clothes he was wearing before setting him in the tub. He hums again, splashing a bit before looking around then up at you with a head tilt.

    "Bepo?" He murmurs questioning.

    "I don't think it's a good idea to put Bepo in the bathtub." You tell him starting to wash him off. "If he gets wet, he could messed up."

    "Oh..." He hums before looking at his tattoos and smiling a bit, splashing cheerfully as he starts to babble at you adorably. You smile a bit, going and grabbing a towel from off the counter. This really wasn’t like you. Hell before this, the thought of kids made you shudder. He was pretty cute though.  “Alright, time to get out and get dressed.” You tell him, holding the towel open for him. He blinks and stands holding up his arms.

    "En we go?" He asks, blinking up at you curiously.

    “Yeah. Soon as I get you dressed, I’ll change and we can go.” You hum, drying him off before redressing him in the new onesie he had picked out. Taking him into the living room, you set him down on the couch next to Bepo, before going back to the room to change. You change into something comfortable, not really sure what today would bring, going back into the living room. “Ready to go?”

    He grabs Bepo and slides off the couch, losing his balance in the falling onto Bepo. The little demon growls in annoyance, tail lashing as he gets upright again, avoiding your gaze with a slight embarrassed huff. You laugh lightly, walking over and picking him up, setting him on your shoulders. “Alright. Let’s get going.” You hum, picking up Bepo as well and handing him to Law. You walk back to the nursery, opening the door, a little wary of what would happen. “Hello! Anyone here?”

    "Over- Ow! Stop biting me you little shit! I’m making your food!" A deep voice growls in annoyance.

    "Bababababa!" A tiny voice squeaks. Law frowns, little hands mushing your cheeks and face. You pull at Law's hands, holding them away from your face and walking into the kitchen.

    "Good morning. You're Smoker I assume." The silver haired demon looks over, amber eyes glinting lightly as he releases smoke from his two cigars. Wrapped in his double tipped silvery tail was a drooling toddler, hanging upside down, giggling.

    "Hello ___, could you take this runt? And careful, he bites when he's hungry." He turns his gaze back on the breakfast.

    "Uffy..." Law grumbles unhappily.

    "Affy!" The other boy squeaks out, clapping his hands happily. You take Law from your shoulders, setting him down on the floor, before carefully taking Luffy, holding him at arm's length.

    “Well you’re a happy looking one. I wonder if the two of you get along?” You say, looking back over at Law of the floor with a raised eyebrow. He did not seem at all amused to see the other child. Setting Luffy down on the floor you hold up a finger. “Stay. Right there. Don’t move.”  Luffy grins babbling at you loudly until Law pushes him over.

    "Up!" Law snaps in annoyance.

     "Oo up Affy!..." Luffy sniffles back.

    "Don't worry, they're always like that." Smoker sighs and finishes the food, setting the plate beside Luffy. "Here you are glutton." He rumbles before looking at you and offering his hand. You shake his hand with a small nervous smile.

    “Well that’s great. I guess he likes to eat then? Anything else I need to know about this one?” You ask, shifting your gaze to the two small children on the floor.

    "... His powers are rubber based so don't worry about him getting hurt when he starts to climb stuff. He likes to play, but he can be a bit... Odd at times. I suggest you have food ready before he gets hungry again." He informs you. "And good luck on your second day.

    “Right thanks. Hopefully the two of them don’t give me too much trouble” You tell the silver haired man, scratching the back of your neck and looking around the kitchen. “Maybe I’ll just make a whole bunch a food now then…” You start grabbing random ingredients, running through a list of things you could make in your head. Smoker watches you for a few moments before going out. Luffy finishes eating and picks up the plate, waving it and babbling loudly again. Law takes the plate, giving the other a glare before bringing it to you.


    “Thank you Law.” You say with a small smile, taking the plate from the boy and putting it in the sink. You finish a few different types of food, hoping it would be enough to feed the small children. “Alright. What would the two of you like to do?” Luffy just babbles loudly, earning a glare from Law and a sigh. The bigger toddler just gets up and goes over to the toys to play. Luffy looks up at you and giggles, crawling over to you and getting up and hugging you, still babbling. You pat the smaller toddler on the head before picking him up. "Well aren't you affectionate." You hum, going into the main room and setting him down a little ways from Law. Sitting down in a chair, you cross your legs, resting your chin on your palm watching the two of them quietly. Luffy blinks and pouts at you before focusing on Bepo and giving a slight squeal, taking the bear happily. Law looks over eyes widening before he growls and hits Luffy, snatching Bepo back. Luffy blinks a few times before tearing up. Law pauses before giving him another stuffed animal.

    "Ah!" Luffy squeaks, taking it and cuddling it happily. Law sighs, rolling his eyes slightly. You just laugh at the children's antics, slightly amused.

    "You two are pretty funny." It wasn't so bad watching these two. Law had grown on you quite a bit and while you had just met Luffy, he hadn't really given you a hard time yet. "You going to name yours too Luffy?" You ask the small child, looking at the stuffed animal he held. Luffy blinks at you before looking at the little reindeer and grinning.

    "Ony Ony Opper!" He chimes before falling back and cuddling his toy. He looks at you happily. "Up! Up!" He chimes. You raise an eyebrow, shrugging and leaning down to pick him up. Looking at him curiously, you hold the toddler with one arm, holding his stuffed animal in the other. “What now?” He just babbles cutely, cuddling you happily. Law looks back and scowls before getting up and climbing into the playpen. He smirks, using his bubble power to switch places with Luffy. The smaller toddler blinks and sits up in the playpen before frowning at Law. "Affy!" He blurts unhappily. Law snickers and flips him off. Luffy growls, arms stretching and grabbing the top of the play pin. Law frowns just before Luffy slingshots over your head. Your eyes widen at Luffy, ducking slightly, hoping that you wouldn’t get hit by the boy flying across the room. Glancing at Law in your arms, you smirk.

    “Aww were you jealous Law?” You ask, turning to look behind you at Luffy, feeling a little bad that you hadn’t tried to catch the small child. Luffy sits up, shaking his head with a huff before glaring at Law.

    "Affy!" He growls trying to climb onto your lap but Law pushes him off.

    "Mine!" Law snaps. Luffy frowns at him in frustration.

    "Nuh uhhh!" He growls, tail smacking on the floor.

    “Guys! There is enough of me to share!” You laugh at the two toddlers, picking up Luffy and setting him down on your other leg, and patting Law on the head. Ruffling Luffy’s hair, you look between the two with a raised eyebrow. “What are you guys going to do when there are more tiny kids running around trying to get my attention huh?” Law hums, frowning at Luffy,

    "'Is!" He smirks before making Luffy disappear. He snickers and leans into you thoughtfully. Luffy frowns at the desert before looking back at the daycare, and getting up.

    "Affy...." You sigh, trying to cover up a small chuckle. They were too cute. You hadn’t expected Law to become as attached and protective as he had so quickly. “Come on Law, bring him back.” You tell the boy. “Don’t want him to get hurt. I’d probably get in trouble and wouldn’t get to see you anymore.” Law pauses and frowns, folding his arms as he takes a moment to think about it.

    "'ine..." He grumbles before bringing Luffy back as the toddler throws a stretching punch that bounces back, making him punch himself in the face and fall on his butt. Law laughs at that, clapping his hands together.

    "Owie..." Luffy sniffles. You frown a bit, setting Law down on the floor before going to check on Luffy. “You alright little guy? I know you’re all stretchy, but that had to hurt.” You hum, looking his face over for any sign that he had hurt himself, but there didn’t appear to be any visible marks. You pat his head. “You’re okay.” Luffy pouts a bit before his stomach growls.

    "Nom nom." He murmurs looking up at you. Law huffs before deciding to focus on playing. He'd share his servant for now if it kept the other one quiet.

    “Right food.” You hum, standing and walking into the kitchen, grabbing a plate that you had made earlier and taking it to Luffy. “Here you go. Would rather not get bitten. Law do you want anything to eat?”

    Luffy digs in happily and Law looks up at you before shaking his head and pointing to the t.v "'Ovie." He hums to you before moving to climb up onto a chair with Bepo but sliding off with the cushion landing on top of him. You can hear a heavy sigh sound from under the cushion. "Damn..."

    Laughing, you pick him up and setting him in the chair. You walk over to the cabinet next to the tv flipping through the movies that lined the shelves. “What kind of movie? Horror again?” You asks, turning back to look at the toddler. He nods, settling in and cuddling Bepo. Luffy hums, looking over from his food at a green haired toddler hobbling past the doorway.

    "... 'Oro?" You put a movie in at random. Something that you hadn't seen before, but the cover was covered in blood and a screaming woman. Turning around you see a small green haired boy, raising an eyebrow.

    "And who are you? Thought I was only supposed to have two today..."

    "Zoro." The toddler says to you before babbling with Luffy. Law rolls his eyes at the greenette.

    "Ost Zoro?" Law snorts. Zoro glares at him.

     "No!" He snaps. Luffy giggles, babbling and picking up his dish, throwing it and making it shatter.

    "Uh oh..." He murmurs. Zoro frowns, hitting him upside the head. "'Iot!" He scolds the younger one. Luffy huffs and pushes Zoro over. Zoro growls, kicking him in annoyance.

    "Upid!" Luffy smacks him. You roll your eyes, going over and picking up Luffy from the floor to stop the two from fighting.

    "I wonder if there is a phone around here. Or a way to contact Shanks. You guys know of a way?" Law points at mirror on the wall.

    "'Ere." He tells you bluntly. Luffy lights up at being picked up, hugging you cheerfully.

    "'Anks! 'Anks!" He chimes at the mirror. Zoro sits up, looking at you before crawling over to play quietly. You raise an eyebrow at the mirror. “Right a mirror to call people. That’s totally logical.” You huff, looking at it skeptically. “ I does this work…” You look around at the toddler's for help, feeling a little silly having to ask them for help with calling someone. Thinking about it though, you weren’t even sure they would be able to help...

    Law frowns before hopping from his chair, avoiding the shattered dish. "Oro." He says pushing on a chair. Zoro blinks and gets up, going over and helping the other, pushing the chair in front of the mirror. Law pats his shoulder before climbing onto the chair and looking at the mirror before touching it. "S-..... Shanks. Shanks.. Shanks." He manages to say and the Shanks appears in the mirror, blinking at Law in surprise.

    "Aww did you call me on your own?" He chuckles. Law just growls at him in response. You wave at Shanks from behind the children.

    “I asked for help with calling you. The whole...mirror thing is new to me. I seem to have gotten a new little one.” You tell him, setting Luffy down before picking up Zoro and holding him in front of the mirror. “See. He just wandered in here a little while ago. He supposed to be somewhere else or what?” Shanks blinks at Zoro before busting out laughing. Zoro grumbles, glaring at the redhead with pink on his cheeks.

    "H-H-Hawkeyes! Come look!" The redhead wheezing.

    "I wish you would show more concern about-" The golden eyed demon stops mid-sentence as he appears in the mirror. Zoro looks away guiltily. Mihawk frowns and phases through the wall and into the room. "There you are. Such a troublesome child." He sighs taking Zoro. "Back to the holding cell."

    You frown, shaking your head vehemently. “He doesn’t have to go back. I don’t mind really.” You say, trying to stop the golden eyed demon from taking the small child away. “Holding cell just sounds so....terrible. He’s been pretty calm, so I don’t mind watching him from now on too. If that’s okay...” Mihawk blinks in surprise before smirking thoughtfully. "Very well. The only thing you have to do is make sure he's entertained. He has a teleport ability and when he wanders, it's difficult to find him again." He tells you handing Zoro back. Zoro blinks at you before leaning into your warmth quietly. "I'll come to assist you with him when you have more to deal with." He adds. You nod with a small smile. Anything to keep them from this ‘holding cell’ for as long as possible. It didn’t seem that any of them particularly liked being there...

    “That sounds nice thank you. Is that okay with you Zoro?” You ask the small green haired child. He nods quietly, watching you. Mihawk ruffles his hair before snapping his fingers and making the broken dish that Luffy was poking at disappear.

    "He'll be pretty easy for you. Good luck." He hums before disappearing back through the mirror. Zoro looks at you silently.

    "Down?" He asks you quietly. Law moves back to his original seat, looking at the new addition.

    "Ere Zoro." He pats on the other side of Bepo. You walk over, setting Zoro down where Law had motioned. Pulling up another chair near them, you sit down, keeping a watchful eye on Luffy who didn’t  seem interested in the movie. Luffy babbles quietly, playing with Chopper and another toy happily. Zoro yawns and cuddles up to Bepo, falling asleep. Law glances at the greenette before slipping off the chair, going into the nap room and coming back out with a blanket. He struggles a bit as he climbs onto the chair again, sitting back in his spot, pulling the blanket over Zoro and settling back in. You watch the movie quietly. Once it’s over, you stand from the chair, walking over to turn the tv off. “Do you guys want to watch another movie?” You ask the two toddlers that were still awake. “Or are you getting tired?”

    Luffy shrugs and shakes his head while Law yawns, cuddling up to Bepo and closing his eyes. Luffy smiles up at you before getting up and hobbling to the main door, patting it and looking back at you. You look over at Law and Zoro briefly, walking over to grab Law a blanket and covering him up. "Outside?" You question Luffy, turning towards the door. "I don't want to leave those two alone though..." Luffy pouts and plops down at the door, looking at the floor and playing with Chopper still pouting and rather bored. You sit down on the floor, grabbing a few toys and attempting to keep Luffy entertained for the rest of the afternoon while the other two slept. A little while later, you look up at the clock, seeing that it had gotten pretty late. You started to wonder when Shanks would show up, or if it would be Shanks  who showed up at all. “Where do you live Luffy? Holding cell to?” You ask the small child, wondering if he and Zoro would both go back to those for the night.

    "Nope, he stays with me." Shanks rumbles coming in. Luffy squeals happily getting up and hurrying to Shanks, hugging his leg.

    "'Anks! Anks!" He cheers and starts to babble complete nonsense to him happily.

    "Heh, he really had fun." Shanks picks up the little demon. "I'll take Zoro to the holding cell for you." He adds, looking over as Zoro and Law wake up with cute little yawns. You scratch you neck, looking at the little green haired demon sadly before shaking your head. Could you take care of a second toddler at home? He didn’t seem to cause too much trouble, and he and Law seemed to get along well enough. “No holding cell…he can come with me.” You say, looking at Shanks. Shanks blinks in surprise before smiling.

    "Alright, Mihawk thought that would be the case, so I brought him clothes." He rumbles as Zoro gets down from the chair. Law moves to get off the chair and falls off, landing on Zoro with Bepo.

    "... Ow..." Zoro grumbles.

    "Rry..." Law gets up, helping the greenette to his feet again. "They get along so they'll help you when one's being difficult."


    You give Shanks a small smile. “I’m sure they’ll be fine.” You hum walking over to the two. “Okay, well the two of you are coming home with me tonight! You guys ready to go?” Zoro blinks up at you before reaching up and taking your hand while Law nods with a hum, hugging Bepo.

    "Bye bye!" Luffy blurts, waving at the other demons. Zoro waves at him with his free hand while Law flips him off.

    "Affy!!" Luffy frowns at Law.

    “Bye Luffy. I’ll see you tomorrow. Have a nice evening Shanks.” You say waving to them before leading the two others from the nursery. Opening the hidden door to your underground home, you take Law and Zoro down the stairs to the living room. “Welcome to your temporary home.” You tell Zoro. “You’re welcome to stay as long as you wish.” Zoro blinks up at you and smiles a bit, touching his forehead to your hand in an affectionate manner. Law moves ahead to the windows, looking at the beach and smiling a bit.

    "W-Windows; Snow!" He manages, making the scenery change to a snowy forest. He smiles more, hugging Bepo tighter at that. You pat Zoro’s head, leading him over to the large windows, looking over at Law curiously.

    “Do you like the snow Law? It’s pretty.”

    "Pre'!" Law agrees happily. Zoro blinks at the windows and touches one.

    "Brrr?" He looks up at you questioning "Brr?"

    “Yeah I think so. I’ve never seen snow in person, but I’ve heard that it’s cold.” You tell Zoro, watching the snow drift to the ground through the window. “You guys want dinner? I know you haven’t eaten since this morning Law, and I don’t know when you ate last Zoro.” They both nod at you.

    "Oo!" Law demands lightly. Zoro frowns at him but doesn't say anything as he goes to you, placing a hand on your leg as he looks up at you.

     "I 'elp?" He inquires, pointing at himself.

     “If you’d like to help you can.” You tell Zoro, going to the kitchen and starting to search the cabinets for something to make for the three of you. “Since you are helping, do you have any suggestions for what I make?” He  shakes his head in response, scratching his cheek as he looks at everything with you. Meanwhile Law starts to go through your suitcase, looking over the contents curiously. “Right. Okay. Um…” You look through the cabinets some more before coming up with an idea. “Spaghetti okay?” He nods and moves to search for a pot for you. He finds one and stands it on his head, looking up at you quietly.

     "Dis?" He inquires. You look over giving him a small smile and a nod.

    "That should work perfectly. Thank you." You start cooking, letting Zoro help when he could. He was an adorable little thing. Raising an eyebrow you look around the room.

    "You know where Law went?" Zoro looks around before shrugging.

     "Lost?" He offers with a head tilt until drawers opening and closing catches both yours and his ear. "Oom?"

    "Wonder what he's up to?" You say more to yourself than to Zoro. Turning the burner on the stove down, you look over at Zoro "I'll be right back." Zoro nods, watching the pots quietly. Law pulls open another drawer, stuffing your undergarments in it quietly before closing the drawer and looking at the empty suitcase, climbing in with Bepo and pulling the top part to hide him. You walk into your room, standing in the doorway confused. "Law? Are you in here?" You ask walking into the room and searching around a bit, worried when you couldn't find him. Sitting down in the bed, you tilt your head. "I heard you messing around in here. Where'd you go?”

    Law lifts the flap to look at you. "Wha?" He hums confused with a head tilt. "Okay?" He sits up, watching you. You jump in surprise, looking at Law confused.

    "What are you doing in there?" You question him. "And what happened to my stuff that was in there?" Law points at the dresser frowning lightly as he watches you, wondering if you'd be mad about this. Actually, that would be interesting to see. "You put all my stuff up?" You ask, standing from the bed and opening drawers seeing everything neatly put away. You were a little taken aback by the boy putting your clothes up. "Well...uh...thank you?"

    Law hums and looks away with a small smile. Eh, maybe he would hold off trying to anger you. "Oo 'one?" He asks you scratching the back of his head.

    "Hmm? Oh yeah! Probably!" You say standing from the bed and walking quickly into the kitchen. "Hey Zoro. How does the food look?" Zoro looks over with a cooking spoon handle in his mouth and two others in his grasp, tending to the food.

    "Oob." He manages around the handle. Law hobbles to your side, looking up at the other little demon on the counter, seeming impressed. “Good. Thank you for watching it for me.” You smile, patting Zoro on the head as you walk by, a little surprised by his way of cooking. You grab a plate for each of the three of you, setting them on the counter with silverware. “All done?” Zoro pokes the noodles before giving a thumb up as Law climbs into a chair at the dining table. "Oo! Oo!" Law chimes smacking his hands on the table. Zoro giggles at him lightly in amusement. Zoro pokes the noodles before giving a thumb up as Law climbs into a chair at the dining table.

    "Oo! Oo!" Law chimes smacking his hands on the table. Zoro giggles at him lightly in amusement. You laugh lightly at the two.

    "Go ahead and sit down Zoro. I'll bring you both a plate." Grabbing two plates, you fill them with food, walking over and putting them on the table. "Hope you like spaghetti Law." Zoro hopes off the counter and goes to crawl onto the other chair. Law smiles, grabbing some noodles and starting to eat with a satisfied hum, nodding at you. Zoro starts to eat too, both of them getting messy with the sauce but enjoying it nonetheless. Smiling at the two of them, you shake your head, slightly worried about the mess you'd have to clean up later.

    You walk back into the kitchen, grabbing yourself a plate, going back to the table and sitting down at one of the chairs that were left. Zoro had done a good job watching the food, which surprised you. It was good. You finished quickly, picking up your plate, alone with Law and Zoro's and put them in the sink. "Alright you two, let's get you cleaned up and off to bed."

    "Otay!" Law gets down from his chair. "Ome on Zoro." He adds before leading the other to the bathroom and starting to run the bath water, dumping some bath soap in. He turns to Zoro and smiles, helping the other take off his onesie.

    "Well aren't you two helpful." You hum, starting to wash dishes. After you're done, you pick out new clothes for the two, taking them to the bathroom. "Need any help, or do you have it under control?"

    They both give you a thumbs up before climbing into the tub, sending bubbles everywhere. Law smiles sending up more bubbles. "Snow!" He squeaks to Zoro who just giggles, tossing up bubbles as well.

    "Snow!" He agrees happily.

    "Okay then." You say, walking into the bedroom and sitting on the bed. Turning on the tv, you flip through the channels, finding something to watch. Your mind wasn't really on the tv though, more so on the new life that you had been abruptly thrown into. The once snarky thief, now taking care of children. Well...they were demons. Not that that made a difference, they were still kids. Heaving a sigh, you think back to the night you almost died. Had you done things differently, where would you be now? Where would Law and Zoro be? Probably all three of you locked up in some way or another. You'd never thought you'd thank anyone for almost dying…

    Zoro looks toward the doorway before washing at his face. "Nice... What name?" He asks Law.

    "___, mine." Law smiles thoughtfully. Zoro rolls his eyes before smirking.

    "Sure." He hums, "We 'ee." He throws a glob of bubbles at Law's face. Law huffs, making the bubbles scatter, giving Zoro and unamused look. Zoro flips him off with a snicker. Law smiles and splashes him. Soon they both start splashing each other, giggling childishly. You look over at the two boys in the tub, a small smile coming to your face as they play.

    "Okay you two. Time to get out. Don't want you to get too pruney or anything!"

    "Kay!" They giggle before getting out. Law pulls down the towels for them, helping Zoro dry off.

    "I do, I do." Zoro huffs at him with a cute chuckle.

    "You bad. Up." Law responds bluntly, making Zoro puff out his cheeks.

    "Nu uh..."

    You let them finish drying off by themselves, making a spot for them on the bed next to you. If you semi-adopted anymore tiny demons, you’d be forced to sleep on the couch…

    They get dressed before hobbling over and climbing onto the bed. Law gives you the cutest little smile before rolling into your side happily. "Night night?" He asks you. Zoro yawns, looking around before flopping over and instantly falling asleep. You nod, climbing beneath the blankets.

"Yeah it's time to go to sleep. Goodnight Law, Zoro." You tell the two, turning off the lights. Law hums and cuddles Bepo gripping the back of Zoro's onesie to keep the other from rolling of the bed or crawling away in his sleep.

Something I am working on with the lovely :iconpiratequeend:


Keep your eye out for the next part! Hope you guys enjoy! As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated! It’s a bit longer than the last few parts. I apologize for any grammatical errors, I didn’t read over this part before submitting!
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love it :)
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From the title I already knew Zoro and Luffy were gonna be introduced XD Awww this was cute! And Law is getting jealous and possessive over Reader~ Zoro's introduction and Mihawk in the mirror when he saw Zoro XP Awesome story so far :D
brittbratt1989 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
i dont even need to read it to know the glutton is Luffy and the wanderer is Zoro xD
ZodiacPI100 Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017
Im dying from all this cuteness!!!!!!
LuciferAugusta Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
to cute they are to damn cute *hangs head in embarasment* sorry for that
a good chapter thanks
Lorphen Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I can't wait until franky, kidd, or Sanji come in. XD
Lorphen Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
I'm dying from all the love~ ❤️
Baby law and Zoro sound so cute!!!
ChibiAmmy26 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist Artist
They're so cute~
Half expected for Zoro to wander off but he's actually pretty good at not doing that. But still super cute!~
SUSHIFREAK101 Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Student
This is so adorable... I love those moments when Law is having sibling rivalry with Luffy over Reader, and he's so mean to Luffy but he's so nice to Zoro XD

Especially when Law was like, "mine!" Ahh!!! I cannot! They're all so cute!!! X3
phoenixjewls Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Oh my god, baby demons are so adorable! 
BalqisDHancock Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017  Hobbyist Writer
Absolutely in love with them! I wonder what will happen to Law in the next chapter since that would be the third day already. Will he grew up? 
sydneylnelson Featured By Owner Mar 8, 2017
This is adorable (ღ˘⌣˘ღ) can't wait to see what trouble they'll get into next ψ(`∇´)ψ
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